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How to join LinkedIn’s product design team

We value transparency and openness. So here’s our product design hiring process in a nutshell.
Illustration of applicant on laptop
Design exercise
Sarah Alpern and Ginny Borelli conversing
Ginny Borelli, LinkedIn's head of design recruiting, sat down with Sarah Alpern, Head of UED (User Experience Design), to talk about how they hire design talent.
• Phone screen with recruiter
• Phone or in-person chat with 2 members of the team
• Design exercise, if applicable
• Final interview day
○ Presentation and portfolio review
○ Lunch with the team
○ Several interviews with members of our team
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Illustration of applicant on phone
Initial screening

You’ll talk to a recruiter who will ask about your design process, goals, and see how you could fit with the team at LinkedIn

Illustration of in person interview
Chat with team

You’ll speak with a few people on our team in two sessions. The first will be an App Critique which is an evaluation of an existing app to better understand how you think through the design interactions, visuals, motion, and UI. The second is a Case Study review where you’ll spend time walking us through how you solved an end-to-end problem. These conversations are over video conference

Illustration of applicant presenting work
Final interview

If we all agree it might be a match, you’ll be invited to a final interview over video conference. In the first hour, you’ll present about yourself and your work to a group of designers and leads. You will also meet one-on-one with a handful of people on the team.

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“The interview process was a great experience. The recruiting team is top-notch, and the hiring process seemed very smooth. The interviewers were very friendly and approachable. From everyone I interviewed, I was able to tell why LinkedIn is truly one of the best places to work.”

Paola Rangel (She/her)
Product Designer

“I was thrilled to join the design leadership team! Do you know when two things satisfyingly click together like LEGO bricks? That’s how I felt throughout the entire interview experience! As I met more designers, design leaders, and cross-functional partners, I became more excited about the design org, the product, and the LinkedIn mission. The recruiting team was stellar - answering questions, providing updates, and guidance along the way.”

Kevin Flores
Director, Product Design

“My experience working with my LI recruiter was like none other. Not only was she extremely pleasant to work with, but she was completely transparent throughout the entirety of the interviewing process, literally from start to finish. Interviewing can be intimidating, but the open dialog I had with my recruiter made me feel confident and a little less stressed about the entire process. She was caring, encouraging, and her “good vibe” energy was contagious!!! I truly thank her for her kind words and all that she does.”

Alex Davis-Grimes
Product Designer

Relationships matter.
Connect with Ginny and Sarah and be a part of this awesome design team.
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